visorPRO™ Weekly Digest: Elevating Service Efficiency and Industry Partnerships

Friday, March 1, 2024

Welcome to this week in visorPRO where we share media, product updates and client experiences on our revolutionary technology aiding equipment dealers in transforming their customer service efforts.

Press Release

Generative AI Meets Agriculture: Mazergroup partners with

Mazergroup, an 18 location dealer group in Canada, renowned for its extensive service and support network, proudly announces its strategic partnership with AGvisorPRO Inc. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone as Mazergroup integrates the AI powered visorPRO™ technology to elevate their customer care abilities and improve service efficiency.

Read the full press release below.

Product Update

References That Leave Nothing To The Imagination

Wilson Schultz

Wilson Schultz
Product Manager

As promised, I have exciting news related to our references. A big part of what makes our AI special is the fact that it backs up its answers with references. This means you can go look up the references easily, and see where the AI got its information. With our newest rerelease, each reference will have a summary in the title. Instead of “Page 303” it will tell you a summary of the content of page 303. This is extremely helpful for users who are in a hurry to find the right reference, at a glance you can now see exactly what the AI is pulling from. Stay tuned for more updates on our next major release.

Featured Article

Mazergroup partners with

Farm Equipment

Wally Butler, Mazergroup’s CFO, emphasizes the natural fit of visorPRO within their operations,

“visorPRO’s mission will help us become more efficient and effective from within our service department,” Butler explains, and further notes,

“The visorPRO team understands our business and the ever-changing requirements of today’s customer. With this technology, Mazergroup staff can swiftly access essential information, bypassing the hassles of sifting through multiple portals, internal discussions, or extensive manuals, pinpointing the right service information in seconds.  This allows Mazergroup to respond more quickly to our customer’s needs and aligns with Mazergroup overall purpose and priorities – “Mazergroup’s dedication to the success of our customers””.

Save the Date

Upcoming Webinar

March 21st, 2024
2:00PM Central

We are excited to announce we have partnered up with to bring to you an interactive webinar to discuss some of the challenges that dealers are facing such as the tightening labour market, escalating machinery complexity, employee burnout, customer service, etc. and how the visorPRO team is working to solve those challenges and turn it into a profitable advantage for dealers. 

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The visorPRO team

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