February 28, 2023
Calgary, Alberta


Generative AI Meets Agriculture: Mazergroup partners with visorPRO.ai

Mazergroup, an 18 location dealer group in Canada, renowned for its extensive service and support network, proudly announces its strategic partnership with AGvisorPRO Inc. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone as Mazergroup integrates the AI powered visorPRO™ technology to elevate their customer care abilities and improve service efficiency.

Wally Butler, Mazergroup’s CFO, emphasizes the natural fit of visorPRO within their operations, “visorPRO’s mission will help us become more efficient and effective from within our service department,” Butler explains, and further notes, “The visorPRO team understands our business and the ever-changing requirements of today’s customer. With this technology, Mazergroup staff can swiftly access essential information, bypassing the hassles of sifting through multiple portals, internal discussions, or extensive manuals, pinpointing the right service information in seconds.  This allows Mazergroup to respond more quickly to our customer’s needs and aligns with Mazergroup overall purpose and priorities – “Mazergroup’s dedication to the success of our customers””.

Mazergroup’s decision to ally with AGvisorPRO reaffirms the dealership’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. With the integration of visorPRO.ai, Mazergroup is set to redefine how they approach customer care and technical support in their dealership.

Brock Moir, Chief Product Officer of AGvisorPRO, reinforces the importance of this collaboration, expressing, “The transformative power of visorPRO.ai is not limited to expediting technicians’ data retrieval; it’s about capturing and managing institutional knowledge, into one central dealer “brain”.” He also shares, “I’m genuinely excited to collaborate with Mazergroup, given their vision and strategic orientation.”

By unlocking the potential of large language models (LLMs), the most recent wave of generative AI, the agricultural sector stands on the brink of a profound transformation in how relationships are nurtured and knowledge is shared.

AGvisorPRO Inc has two technologies for agriculture. AGvisorPRO is a mobile centric app that connects those seeking agriculture advice with trusted experts and companies. visorPRO.ai is a generative AI system that can dramatically increase customer service and profitability at equipment dealerships.

To learn more go to www.visorPRO.ai where you can book a demonstration.

About Mazergroup:
Mazergroup is Canada’s largest New Holland dealership, renowned for its exceptional service, top-quality equipment, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. With an impressive history and customer-centric approach, Mazergroup continues to set the benchmark in the agricultural equipment industry.

About AGvisorPRO:
AGvisorPRO is a trailblazer in agricultural technology solutions, specializing in virtual connectivity and knowledge sharing. Through its groundbreaking “visorPRO” AI-powered technology, AGvisorPRO assists equipment dealerships in optimizing customer technical service and support. By harnessing the power of AI and large language models, AGvisorPRO redefines the dynamics of the agricultural business landscape.
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