March 15th, 2024
Calgary, Alberta

Generative AI Empowers Farm Equipment Dealerships: Burnips Equipment Co. Partners with

Burnips Equipment Co., a trusted family-owned business since 1972, renowned for its commitment to quality equipment and exceptional service, proudly announces its strategic partnership with AGvisorPRO Inc. This collaboration marks a significant advancement as Burnips Equipment Co. integrates the AI-powered visorPRO™ technology to enhance their service capabilities and redefine the customer experience.

Joel Bjork, Corporate Service Director of Burnips Equipment Co., highlights the synergy between visorPRO and their mission, stating, “visorPRO’s technology aligns perfectly with our dedication to providing superior service and support to our valued customers.” Joel further elaborates, “With visorPRO, our teams can access critical information swiftly, streamlining processes and ensuring our customers receive the highest level of support.”

Burnips Equipment Co.’s decision to join forces with AGvisorPRO underscores their steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence in serving farmers. With the integration of, Burnips Equipment Co. aims to revolutionize the way they deliver service and support to their customers.

Brock Moir, Chief Product Officer of AGvisorPRO, underscores the significance of this partnership, stating, “The integration of signifies a pivotal moment in enhancing service efficiency and customer satisfaction within the agricultural equipment industry.” He adds, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Burnips Equipment Co. and empower them with cutting-edge AI technology.”

By harnessing the capabilities of generative AI, the agricultural sector is poised for a transformative shift in service delivery and customer engagement.

AGvisorPRO Inc offers two innovative technologies for agriculture. AGvisorPRO is a mobile-centric app connecting agricultural stakeholders with trusted experts and companies. is a generative AI system designed to optimize customer service and profitability at equipment dealerships

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Burnips Equipment, founded in 1972, is a family-owned and operated business serving farmers in Michigan and Northern Indiana. Specializing in new and pre-owned agricultural equipment, Burnips is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its customers. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and reliable machinery, Burnips ensures that farmers, whether experienced or new to the field, have access to the tools they need for success.

AGvisorPRO is a trailblazer in agricultural technology solutions, specializing in virtual connectivity and knowledge sharing. Through its groundbreaking “visorPRO” AI-powered technology, AGvisorPRO assists equipment dealerships in optimizing customer technical service and support. By harnessing the power of AI and large language models, AGvisorPRO redefines the dynamics of the agricultural business landscape. 780-203-6982

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