visorPRO™ Weekly Digest: Insights from NAEDA Conference, Serial Number Splits, and AI in Agribusiness

Friday, February 2, 2024

Welcome to this week in visorPRO where we share media, product updates and client experiences on our revolutionary technology aiding equipment dealers in transforming their customer service efforts.

Event Highlights

NAEDA Conference

Dallas, TX
January 29-31th

Rob Saik, CEO and Chad Moskal, Director of Sales attended the North American Equipment Dealer Association (NAEDA) conference in Dallas, TX this week.
They were excited to learn about how dealerships are thinking about service support and showcase the visorPRO solution for better technician efficiency and overall profitability.

We were proud to partner with the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) for a breakout session on Understanding Your Labor Budget at their annual conference.

Thank you NAEDA for having us!

Product Update

Serial Number Splits Now Available!

by Wilson Schultz, Product Manager

As we near the spring season, the technical team has been focused on uploading large chunks of data to the visorPRO AI model. We now have a slick process to upload and are testing data while finishing up some core features. One feature we are excited about is the source selector, coming in the next week. The source selector allows the user to select from a list of documents related to a model of equipment, so they can zero in on a serial split, or limit the bot’s focus to a particular kind of document. The AI will only reference the documents the user asks it to search.

On top of that, we are making our references faster and more accurate, more info coming on this next week. Stay tuned!

Featured Article

‘The Great Reset’ in Global Agribusiness

9 Black Swan Events to Watch in 2024

by Bob Trogele & James C. Sulecki was listed as Black Swan #9, as technology continues to push into agribusiness and the agroindustry.

With major companies having invested and continuing to invest in technology – for example, the $300 million Nutrien has spent on digital solutions and its data team in the past five years – the trend is clear: artificial intelligence will further drive how business is executed at the farm gate. For example, equipment dealers are signing on to from Canadian start-up AGvisorPRO so their technicians can ask a powerful AI any support query question using a chat interface. Other companies continue to raise money, such as start-up Rantizo, whose recent $6 million expansion of funding is targeted to help ag retailers scale automation of drone aerial applications.

Key question: Will the agroindustry as a whole ride the initial wave of practical AI? Or largely sit it out with a wait-and-see attitude? If margins remain tight, the best bet is likely the former as much as the latter.

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