visorPRO™ Weekly Insights: Unveiling the Source Selector, Event Highlights, and Webinar Insights

Welcome to this week in visorPRO where we share media, product updates and client experiences on our revolutionary technology aiding equipment dealers in transforming their customer service efforts.

Product Update

The Source Selector

The team continues to make strides with the visorPRO product. This week we began work on our latest improvement which we are calling the “source selector”. By selecting the manufacturer and model number before asking a question, users can now see what kinds of documentation we have for a given piece of equipment. Users can then select exactly which documents they want the bot to use as sources for their answers.

Ultimately, this will lead to greater accuracy because the bot will only source the documents the user selects, also aiding in understanding the documentation in the dealer vault.

A photo of what the source selector might look like. A chat message comes back with the ability for users to select what documents they want it to reference.

Event Highlights

AMC Conference

Regina, SK

CPO, Brock Moir and CEO, Rob Saik attended the POWER Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada Annual Convention & Tradeshow this week. The two-day event took place in Regina, focusing on everything you need to empower your staff teams, power up your operations activities and dealer network, and explore alternative power sources and technologies. They even got to take in the Agribition Rodeo!

Event Highlights

AgriTrade Equipment Expo

Red Deer, AB

We kicked off Agri-Trade with a night of local eats, craft beer & great company! In conjunction with both The Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada and The North American Equipment Dealers Association, we showcased what can do for equipment dealers & manufacturers. Thanks to all who attended, and to Craft Beer Commonwealth for having us!

Webinar Recording

Integrating AI in Equipment Dealerships: Augmenting Support & Mitigating The Labor Crisis

How is visorPRO working with dealerships and turning customer service into a profitable competitive advantage?

“The integration of visorPRO signifies a game-changing opportunity for Torgerson’s in terms of technician onboarding, training, and overall business operations. It’s like manufacturing time.”

Brion Torgerson, CEO, Torgerson’s Equipment

Image of person holding a laptop in front of a tractor
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