visorPRO™ Weekly Digest: AI-Powered Transformation for Equipment Dealerships, Webinars, Events, and More – August 25th, 2023

Welcome to this week in visorPRO where we share media, product updates and client experiences on our revolutionary technology aiding equipment dealers in transforming their customer service efforts.

“This is changing the landscape of how dealers could do business. I mean, this speeds the service process up immensely.”

Brion Torgerson | CEO of Torgerson’s

Torgerson's, A Century of Service

Product Update

Thriving Tests, Tag Implementation

Exciting strides forward with visorPRO™ this week! Our AI-powered solution is thriving in tests due to our recent implementation of tags, as mentioned last week. The model is swiftly addressing queries and our team is uploading our partner datasets to prepare for an early September release. Stay tuned as we approach this milestone together!


Integrating Al in Equipment Dealerships: Augmenting Support & Mitigating The Labor Crisis

Mark your calendars for 10 AM CT on September 5th for our upcoming webinar in partnership with Precision Farming Dealer. 

In the world of equipment dealerships, labour is getting tighter, and equipment is becoming more complex. Discover how visorPRO’s AI-powered tool is changing the landscape of how dealers could do business, by quickly resolving issues, streamlining onboarding, and safeguarding expertise. This technology has been described as “revolutionary”, by Brion Torgerson, CEO of Torgerson’s Equipment in Great Falls, Montana who will be joining us as a panellist.

Join our webinar to gain a competitive advantage in customer service. Don’t miss out.

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Farm Progress Show

The AGvisorPRO team is attending the legendary Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL for the first time ever. If you are attending, let’s connect!

You can reach Taylor on the app here, or Wilson on the app here.

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Featured Article

Cultivating Relationships and Nurturing Knowledge

How Large Language Models (LLMs) Will Transform Agriculture

Brock Moir, Chief Product Officer @ AGvisorPRO Inc.

“We have been experimenting a lot with generative AI and especially Large Language Models at AGvisorPRO. Here is a quick summary of what LLMs are.”

Check out the full article about LLMs in Ag

Two men working in a tractor dealership are talking with each other while holding onto a tablet.

Featured Article

ICYMI: AGvisorPRO Expands Partnership with Young’s Equipment to Enhance Dealership’s Customer Service


“Our partnership with AGvisorPRO in launching visorPRO marks a significant leap forward in the industry,” says Sean Young, Assistant General Manager for Young’s Equipment. “The ability to streamline our support process using AI technology will revolutionize our customer service offering and set a new standard in the dealership landscape.”

Farm Equipment


What is visorPRO exactly?

Watch the video, and listen to Monica give you an overview of visorPRO in less than 2 minutes!

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