visorPRO™ Weekly Digest: New Features, Event Success

January 12, 2024

Welcome to this week in visorPRO where we share media, product updates and client experiences on our revolutionary technology aiding equipment dealers in transforming their customer service efforts.

Product Update

The Source Selector: A Game-Changing Feature for Easy and Accurate Data Management

Wilson Schultz

Wilson Schultz, Product Manager, visorPRO

The product team continues the exciting work of making visorPRO a scale solution for the spring season. While primarily focused on data upload and quality assurance, the team is also working on bringing some game-changing features to the product, like the source selector.

Previously, users would have to type out the exact make and model of equipment to make sure the bot referenced the right source material. With the source selector, the user can easily search and select equipment before typing the query. We will even show you a list of documents we have for the model you select! 

Easy + Accurate are two elements the source selector will bring to our users. We know our users are busy fixing equipment and responding to customer requests, there is no time for clunky interfaces! 

Stay tuned for the release of the source selector, we are almost there!

Event Highlight

Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Indianapolis, IN
January 8-9th

Founder and CEO of visorPRO, Robert Saik, was in Indianapolis this week sharing our visorPRO AI technology at the Annual Precision Farming Dealer Summit. We were proud to sponsor the Eliminating Service Stress and Chaos During Busy Seasons session.

Rob got connected for the first time in person with Wayne Fischer! If you didn’t already know, Wayne is the Director of Parts Service and Technology at Torgerson’s Equipment, a Case IH dealer in Montana. Wayne has implemented the visorPRO technology into their dealership to quickly resolve service queries and help reduce employee burnout during peak seasons.

CEO of Torgerson’s, Brion Torgerson, describes the product as; “This is revolutionary. During our peak seasons, the pressure on our technical and service personnel is intense. The integration of visorPRO signifies a game-changing opportunity for Torgerson’s in terms of technician onboarding, training, and overall business operations. It’s like manufacturing time!”

“This is changing the landscape of how dealers could do business. I mean, this speeds the service process up immensely,” adds Brion.

You can learn more about how Torgerson’s is utilizing this technology by watching this Precision Farming Dealer webinar recording

Featured Event

NAEDA Conference

Dallas, TX
January 29-31th

We are proud to announce we will be partnering with the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) to bring you an invaluable breakout session on Understanding Your Labor Budget at their annual conference at the end of the month.

A well-crafted labour budget is more than just numbers; it’s a strategic tool that influences your decision-making and annual planning. Discover methods on how to identify technician inventory, technician types, gaps, and available hours to ensure a fully staffed shop and develop a versatile team capable of meeting all your customers’ needs.

If you are a NAEDA member, shoot us a message and let’s link up at the event!

Call for Demo

Do you have 15 minutes?

What is It’s the product transforming the way dealerships operate… by providing technicians with accurate (and referenceable) answers in just 30 seconds or less, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction by resolving requests in record time.

With this product, seeing is believing. Our team is asking for 15 minutes of your time to show you what this thing can do. Simply book a demo here.

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