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September 8, 2023

Welcome to this week in visorPRO where we share media, product updates and client experiences on our revolutionary technology aiding equipment dealers in transforming their customer service efforts.

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Boosting Efficiency with AI in Dealerships

Product Update

Preparing V1 for Pilot Partners

This week our product team has been testing and tweaking V1 of to get it ready for our pilot partners.  There are still lots of tweaks to be made, but our testing has got the team quite excited.  Some of our team members who don’t know about farm equipment have been using it to discover how different equipment works:

What are rotor concaves?

12:18 am

Rotor concaves are an important component in the threshing and separating processes of Axial-Flow combines. They are part of the three-section concave system in the rotor cage area. The concaves hold the material long enough to ensure complete threshing and have enough capacity to permit the grain to separate into the cleaning system. The clearance between the concaves and the rotor rasp bars can be adjusted to match the threshing difficulty of the crop. A close setting is preferred for harder threshing conditions, while a wider setting is recommended for easier threshing conditions. The concave clearance should not exceed setting Number 5. Additionally, concave wires, filler bars, and interrupter bars can be removed or added to further adjust the concave setting. It’s important to note that rotor speeds and concave clearances should be matched to the crop and conditions for efficient operation. Incorrect settings, such as running the rotor too slow and the concave set too open, can result in inefficient threshing and separation, leading to losses in machine capacity. Adjustments should be made one at a time and compared to the original setting. If rotor losses occur, various corrective measures can be taken, including checking for plug and crop material, adjusting rotor speed, configuring the channels on slotted grates, using wide wire spaced concaves, adjusting the concave vanes, increasing rotor speed in certain crops, and potentially slowing ground speed in heavy or high-yielding corn crops with large amounts of material other than grain.


2388 Axial Flow Combine Operators Manual (P. I.N JJC0290500… Page 186-188

12:18 am

In the coming weeks we will be onboarding our pilot partners into V1.

Webinar Recording

Integrating AI in Equipment Dealerships: Augmenting Support & Mitigating The Labor Crisis

In case you missed our webinar with Precision Farming Dealer. The AGvisorPRO team recognizes the challenges of equipment dealerships and is building the visorPRO product as the answer. In this webinar, you will learn about what visorPRO is, how it works, and where it is heading.

This technology has been described as revolutionary, by Brion Torgerson, CEO of Torgerson’s Equipment in Great Falls, Montana who joined us as a panellist. Watch the recording here:

Upcoming Event

Canada’s Outdoor Farmshow

Be on the look out for our CEO and Founder, Rob Saik at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show next week (September 12, 13 & 14)  in Woodstock, Ontario. For over 25 years, people have attended Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show to learn about the newest and most innovative products and technology in agriculture.

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Featured Article

Cultivating Relationships and Nurturing Knowledge

How Large Language Models (LLMs) Will Transform Agriculture

Brock Moir, Chief Product Officer @ AGvisorPRO Inc.

“While the age-old principles of farming won’t change, the way we build relationships and share knowledge in agriculture is poised for a significant transformation.  However, to unlock the real value of LLMs, businesses need to control their own digital destiny, which means thinking strategically and investing wisely in digital transformation initiatives. Failing to do so could mean missing out on the incredible opportunities LLMs present.”

Check out the full article about LLMs in Ag

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