Can the A.I. make mistakes? 

It is not currently possible for a generative AI to be 100% accurate. visorPRO™ is designed to minimize errors by referencing a secure database based on the manuals your organization has provided. While this system strives for accuracy, occasional mistakes may still occur. 

How do I check an answer’s accuracy?

Each generated answer comes with a list of references the bot used to generate it. It is important to check these references to ensure that the answer provided is fully accurate.

Possible Types of Errors and Causes:

Misinterpretation of Data: visorPRO™ relies on the information stored in visorVAULT™. The AI may misinterpret the query if the manuals or support data contain ambiguous or conflicting details, leading to potential inaccuracies.

Updates and Changes: If there are updates or changes to technical specifications or procedures that haven’t been reflected in visorVAULT™, visorPRO™ might provide outdated information, resulting in errors.

Complex Queries: Extremely complex or nuanced queries may pose a challenge for the AI, as it processes information within a set timeframe. In such cases, the response might be less accurate.

Limited Context: visorPRO™ may lack contextual awareness beyond the provided query, potentially causing errors if additional context is crucial for a precise response.

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